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Fun! English D (Age: 12-14)

For the junior high school students, high-quality optional English classes that effectively complement the regular school’s English lessons will be very important to help your kids to develop excellent speaking and listening skills. Your children must be more English-savvy to differentiate themselves for upcoming school exams.

This course targets 12- to 14-year-old teenagers. Pasanook’s experienced teachers, our well-designed lesson plan, and our good textbooks will effectively ease the resistance against the foreign language, and generate interest in English, through interactive teaching materials.

Children can acquire the basic-level natural English skills with frequently used important words, phrases, and idioms through Pasanook’s unique phonics education system.

  • * Teacher (Nationality) --- Native English speaking teachers
  • * Target Students (Nationality) --- Any nationality
  • * Available Courses --- Group A, Private, Home
  • * Group Lesson Timetable --- Click here.
  • * Course Tuition Fees --- Click here.
  • * Minimum Hours --- 48 hours
  • * Certificate --- Available on Request

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