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Now Everyone Can Learn... For Better Life

Start learning now for your better life

We at PASANOOK Language Center are strong advocates of the belief that education can improve your quality of life, and we boldy state one of our goals:


This creed signifies that we will make high quality educational options available to Thai people and foreigners alike at very affordable prices.

Receiving a high quality education is not a privilege for a limited number of wealthy people.  Everyone, from all tiers of society, should be given the chance to learn.

With this policy, PASANOOK Language Center is pleased to offer language courses with strategically low prices.  We believe that with our reasonably priced options, now everyone is able to take advantage of the opportunity to learn language.

The above creed can also be applied to the people with various purposes:

* Business People requiring impovement in their foreign language skills;
* People who are preparing to travel or study abroad;
* Children and teens who need to prepare for school entrance exams;
* People who are preparing for other examinations (University, TOEFL, TOEIC etc.);
* People who need sophisticated English conversation skills for personal relationships;

PASANOOK Language Center can accommodate your specific needs with a wide variety of courses at flexible times.

Learning by Feeling... Is it correct?

Friendly language teachers

Many language schools adopt a kind of "intuitive" method of learning.  A typical motto of such a school could be:

"The more you hear, the more your skills are improved".

This is partially true, but not necessarily the most efficient method of learning.

Native-speaking infants may acquire language skills in such an intuitive way, taking plenty of time (maybe 7 to 10 years) to do so.  They are learning language by "feeling", but should adults learn in the same way?  The answer is typically 'No'.  Our time is usually limited, our attention spans are more developed, and we probably have a much shorter period of time that we are willing to devote to the study of language.

Non-native students should use a more systematic, technical, and efficient approach to learning language, along with acquiring correct grammatical knowledge and incorporating the memorization of short but useful phrases and expressions.  All language courses at PASANOOK Language Center put priority on memorizing short sentences for conversation and writing.

This method is also used at most professional interpreter/translator training institutions for improving interpretation and translation skills.  It has been demonstrated to be one of the fastest ways of learning language. Language Center has uniquely applied this professional learning method to our entry-level and intermediate courses. That's why PASANOOK Language Center's students can make such leaps in progress over a short period of time.

Join PASANOOK Language Center's courses today, experience rapid progress in your language skills, and achieve success in your life!

Flexible Classes

Friendly language teachers

PASANOOK Language Center offers a broad range of courses to accommodate your specific needs. Students can choose a class that best suits their ability and lifestyle.

From efficient and economical group lessons to more intensive private classes, PASANOOK Language Center offers a variety of courses at different levels. Home tutoring and corporate lessons are also available on request.

Private lessons, home tutoring and corporate lessons have OPEN and FIXED courses. With the OPEN courses, students can achieve more flexibility whereby the dates and times can be changed anytime.

Even with the more affordable group lessons, students have the option to attend another class of a similar (or identical) type at a time other than their regularly scheduled class in order to more effectively manage their time. This is subject to the availability and the current capacity of the other class.

Reasonable Tuition Fees

Until recently, learning a new language was a privilege reserved exclusively for the wealthy. At Pasanook language Center, we guarantee top-quality courses with affordable pricing so now "Everyone can learn for a better life".

However, some of you may be concerned about the quality of service provided. Many believe that cheap prices often go hand-in-hand with inferior learning experiences.

Please be assured that our language courses are the perfect combination of quality and affordability. Come join us now. It's time to begin learning for your bright new future.

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