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Now Everyone Can Learn... For Better Life

Start learning now for your better life

We at PASANOOK Language Center are strong advocates of the belief that education can improve your quality of life, and we boldy state one of our goals:


This creed signifies that we will make high quality educational options available to Thai people and foreigners alike at very affordable prices.

Receiving a high quality education is not a privilege for a limited number of wealthy people.  Everyone, from all tiers of society, should be given the chance to learn.

With this policy, PASANOOK Language Center is pleased to offer language courses with strategically low prices.  We believe that with our reasonably priced options, now everyone is able to take advantage of the opportunity to learn language.

The above creed can also be applied to the people with various purposes:

* Business People requiring impovement in their foreign language skills;
* People who are preparing to travel or study abroad;
* Children and teens who need to prepare for school entrance exams;
* People who are preparing for other examinations (University, TOEFL, TOEIC etc.);
* People who need sophisticated English conversation skills for personal relationships;

PASANOOK Language Center can accommodate your specific needs with a wide variety of courses at flexible times.

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