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Learning by Feeling... Is it correct?

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Many language schools adopt a kind of "intuitive" method of learning.  A typical motto of such a school could be:

"The more you hear, the more your skills are improved".

This is partially true, but not necessarily the most efficient method of learning.

Native-speaking infants may acquire language skills in such an intuitive way, taking plenty of time (maybe 7 to 10 years) to do so.  They are learning language by "feeling", but should adults learn in the same way?  The answer is typically 'No'.  Our time is usually limited, our attention spans are more developed, and we probably have a much shorter period of time that we are willing to devote to the study of language.

Non-native students should use a more systematic, technical, and efficient approach to learning language, along with acquiring correct grammatical knowledge and incorporating the memorization of short but useful phrases and expressions.  All language courses at PASANOOK Language Center put priority on memorizing short sentences for conversation and writing.

This method is also used at most professional interpreter/translator training institutions for improving interpretation and translation skills.  It has been demonstrated to be one of the fastest ways of learning language. Language Center has uniquely applied this professional learning method to our entry-level and intermediate courses. That's why PASANOOK Language Center's students can make such leaps in progress over a short period of time.

Join PASANOOK Language Center's courses today, experience rapid progress in your language skills, and achieve success in your life!

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