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What is Pasanook Language Center all about?

Since its establishment in 2006, Pasanook Language Center has been offering high-quality language education services to our Thai, Japanese and Korean students. Founded by a Japanese owner, and directed by Korean and Thai management, the center strives to offer the most effective language courses in all of Thailand to our students.

Pasanook Language Center originally started as a free community school with the aim of providing effective and affordable language courses to as many students as possible. This is expressed in our school creed:

"Now everyone can learn for a better life."

The courses we offer cover seven distinct languages namely English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, German, and French. We provide group, private, and corporate on-site lessons, as well as the availability of home tutoring. We can also dispatch our qualified language teachers to public/private schools and governments offices.

The language center is conveniently located just a 1 minute walk from the Ekkamai BTS station.

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