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Corporate Lessons

Pasanook Language Center offers various corporate on-site lessons to enhance your staff's English communication skills. Available in Bangkok and its vicinity.

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Summer Courses

Children & Teens Summer Courses are now started during the school summer vacation. Improve your listening and speaking skills with our professional native-speaking teachers!

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It's time to start!

Time-consuming, inefficient language learning will just waste your time and money. We provide the most efficient and cost-effective language learning opportunities to our students. Time flies. Improve your language skills quickly.

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Learning for a Better Future

Excellent bi-lingual skills are essential for future career development. The effects of globalization are becoming increasingly prevalent with rapid communication and technological advancements in today’s society.

Let's start learning new language skills today for tomorrow’s success. The Pasanook Language Center provides various courses that help you create a better future.

With the formation of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) scheduled for 2015, Thailand is set to become a more prominent player on the global stage. Many companies will be seeking to recruit skilled foreign workers, and people of Thai nationality will have the opportunity to work in other ASEAN countries. This is but one of many reasons why you should start learning new languages now.

The Pasanook Language Center provides various courses for a wide-range of languages. All classes are conducted with detailed and exclusive lesson plans, and are designed to enhance students' language skills and confidence.

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